John McCall, PhD.

Dr. McCall began his career as a medicinal chemist with Upjohn and subsequently held positions with Pharmacia and Upjohn, Pharmacia, and Pfizer. He was Director of CNS Research with Upjohn, Vice President and Global Head of Chemistry for both Pharmacia

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Eric Hoffman, PhD.

Dr. Hoffman has worked on DMD since the late 1980’s, first working as a post-doctoral fellow with Louis Kunkel at Boston Children’s to identify the gene and protein (1986-1990), then running his own research group at University of Pittsburgh (1990-1998),

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Kanneboyina Nagaraju, PhD., DVM

Dr. Nagaraju is an immunologist and authority in pre-clinical studies in muscular dystrophy animal models, and other inflammatory states. He directed the pre-clinical trials of vamorolone, and has led research to identify and quantify the different subactivities of glucocorticoids and

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Elizabeth Albrecht Singer

Beth Singer, a prior Chairman of the Board of Children’s Research Institute and parent Board Director, is currently Chairman of Children’s School Services and a Director, Children’s Research Institute. In the fall of 2015, she joined the board of Reveragen,

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May Liang

May Liang is General Counsel and Chief Financial Officer for OpenConcept Systems, Inc., a software development company.

Previously, Ms. Liang served as General Counsel and Chief Financial Officer for Total Music, LLC a digital entertainment service. Ms. Liang also served for

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